Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Coffin lead to more thinking.

Pardon me in these early days of my web log. I know my page lacks the fancy glamor & glitz of
other peoples pages but the information is pure. Back to the basics if you will? I have never been
one for technology, but I am sure that over the days, months, or even years I will figure more stuff
out and have some appetite for your eyes as well as food for your thoughts.

When I wake up in the morning I first read the American newspapers as that is where I currently reside and attend school. Well I actually dont read a NEWSPAPER, I do the more modern thing and lazy go to yahoo and see the news that have highlighted as important. I was shocked and appalled to see that members of Al-Qaeda had referred to MY PRESIDENT as a field negro. For those Nigerians who have never lived extensively in America or have had to endure racism, a field negro is an African- American of with more Caucasian features. Blacks in America that possessed features like a narrow pointy nose, lighter skin, and straight silky hair were more desirable during the slave days. These select blacks escaped the hardship of picking cotton outdoors and being beat on a regular basis. They were usually allowed to live indoors and act as nanny, cook, or cleaner to the good white folks. It is important to note that these slaves possessed these features due to rape of their ancestors by prior slave owners. It is also important to note that these "house negros" were often mistresses of their master. Anywho, the "house negro" was preferred more than the "field negro" who often possessed traditional AFRICAN characteristics, such as extremely dark to brown skin, broad noses, and kinky hair. We can still see this inter race racism amongst African- American with television shows, magazine ads, and commercial usually featuring more "house negro" types then "field negro". We can see the effects of this in Nigeria by taking a look at how women sew in "Weave on" and often bleach their skin in order to be more desirable. We can also look at how half-cast people in Nigeria are treated better than the majority "field negro" types. It is for these reasons I have decided to no longer wear weave ons. I will return back to my true roots and follow the natural look (think of the hair of Asa). I am hoping to premote love of our own AFRICAN RACE AND FEATURES as oppose to conform to the desires of societies for all of the world to attempt to become or ACT WHITE. Nigeria women: lets embrace our kinky hair and round beautiful bodies. Cut out the extreme dieting in order to obtain the body of an oyinbo. Lets embrace and love ourselves. Nigeria Men: Dont be afraid to love us beautiful black sisters. Stop obsessing over girls who "appear" to have long hair or giving preference to whites or half cast women. Look in our soul and love us for us.

The above was not what I meant to write about at all.

I meant to write about how after reading my American newpapers I then read the Nigerian Sun.
Itwas there I found this article on a coffin maker and his woes.

These pastors are insinuating that this coffin maker is exploiting Christ by crafting and making these beautiful works of art and selling them. Do they suggest he give them away.

Lets ask ourselves this.

How much money does it cost for a pastor and his crew to perform a deliverance?

When was the last time you received a revelation or prayer from a prophet for free?

Don't get me wrong. I know there are pastors and prophets out there who do these things for free.

But...........should we condemn while supporting the other?


Naughty Eyes said...

I'm still watching... Still commenting first... Still trying to figure you out... Still wondering why you deleted your comment on my blog...

Naughty Eyes said...

Dear Serum,

THIS is what I meant when I said we needed to talk. Naturally I’m supposed to be sending this via e-mail but seeing that you’ve modified your profile several times over the past few days and neglected to include such info, I had no choice. Please feel free to delete this mail after reading it if you want to. As you can see, I am learning quickly from you.

First of all, let me apologize for calling you stupid. Let’s just imagine that was meant for any other “anonymous” person out there who might want to pull a verbal stunt on me. Serum, as I’ve come to find out isn’t stupid. Probably a bit misled, but not stupid.

Thanks for all the praise poured on me in your opening statements. If I was white I’d be blushing seriously after reading them. As for my eloquence, you can blame that on my Momma who taught me how to mark her English Language scripts a few minutes after stepping out of her womb. And doesn’t it strike you as odd that no-one has ever thought to nominate me for any of the several blogville awards no matter how irrelevant? I thought it odd too.

I’m happy you’ve shelved the anonymous tag and joined blogville. At least on the Judgment Day, I’ll be able to boast of one conversion! Ok, I’m just kidding. Not everything I say should always be viewed as sarcasm. As you can see, I started following your blog almost immediately and I visit almost every other day looking for an update. I’m yet to leave a sensible comment but I must say this: I am really proud of you. Yes, you might be actually putting me out of business but I’m still proud of you. I hope you can be humble enough to listen to my criticisms when and if I give them.

Of course, after one last post analyzing your rejoinder, I’m not going to be dedicating any full posts to you or KH anymore. I think the whole negative publicity is actually boosting both your egos. So bask in it while it lasts. I’m just TV-less for now that what’s causing more than half of my issues.

In all honesty I am very tired of flogging the KH issue. All this talk with him in the centre seems to be giving him some sort of popularity which I never give to any subject I discuss on the blog. Moreover, I happened to hear another of his singles recently where he very openly encourages people to make sure they get the Control Numbers from their magas. If KH doesn’t seem to condone 419 as you put it, that song alone fully convinced me that I was very right in my earlier speculations.

Thank God you finally realize I hate 419. The hate is out of two personal reasons. First of all, my birthday falls on April 19th which (you guessed right) is 4/19. Giving my birth date a negative connotation by associating it with crime doesn’t go down too well with me neither I suspect, do people born on September 11 rate Osama too highly.

On a more serious note, my mom was once the victim of a classy Advance Fee Fraud scam perpetuated with the help of one of my cousins and that’s when I saw firsthand what 419 does to the victims. It almost broke her down. From then on I swore to oppose it with my very soul.

In all sincerity, I have a lot of issues right now so I can’t tackle this fully though I’ve scheduled a post about some of this stuff which will come up in a few days.

I’m glad once again you’re on blogville and I do hope you have the momentum to sustain what you’ve started. That’s what makes so many bloggers cave in. I’ll stalk the blog a lot and do the best I can to help.

Looking forward to a more cordial friendship.


Naughty Eyes said...

Helloooooo???? Can you please like update already? I'm looking rusty being your only "customer" on the blog...

Naughty Eyes said...

Please update...

Naughty Eyes said...

Knock! Knock!! Is anyone at home...?